Rome: The best of world cinema at Cinecittà si Mostra (Cinecittà shows off)

Cinecittà is an easy metro journey from Termini.  As the home of Italian cinema since the 1930s, it has produced everything from La Dolce Vita, Roman Holiday,  Ben Hur to Cleopatra and recent additions like the HBO Rome series (when we visited its set was one of the main attractions onsite).

We arrived just ten minutes before the first Italian tour of the morning was starting at 10am. Rather than wait for the English tour  at 11.30 (there’s another at 3.30), we decided to take the risk and join in.  My Italian was good enough to understand the vast majority of the detail – but anyway most of the locations spoke for themeslves.

Behind this relatively unassuming entrance lie acres and acres of film studio space, expertise, and some standing lots including representations of ancient Rome, ancient Jerusalem and medieval Florence.

This is Venusia from Fellini’s film, Casanova.

And if you’ve seen The Young Messiah, you’ll recongise this represenation of ancent Jerusalem.

Medieval Florence is suggested by this building collection, which has also seen action as the Vatican.

Ancient Rome was vividly brought to multicoloured life in the representation of the Suburra district and the Forum (complete with arch, basilicas and wonderfully-realised temples).

After the hour long tour, there’s even more to explore inside as some great exhibits explore the site’s history and development.  And how wonderful to see iconic costumes such as this from Fellini’s La Dolce Vita…

And some of the wonderfully opulent outfits worn by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra.

Even the cafe gets in on the cinematic act!

Have you seen Cinecittà? What was your favourite part of the experience?


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