Italia in Miniatura (Italy in Miniature)

Italy in Miniature / Italia in Miniatura is a short bus ride from Rimini and, as its name suggests, is a series of mini replicas of Italian landmarks. Other European cities also have their own models. There’s a full size replica of a typical Italian town square or piazza as well as the chance to have a mini gondola ride.

Some of the models are familiar from visits to Milan, Rome and Turin, while others are definitely in my wish list. Only the mock “Alps” and monorail in some of the pics below give away the fact that these aren’t the real thing.

Rome has the Spanish Steps, the Vatican (not technically Italy), and even Termini.

The Colosseum was also familiar…

Turin and Milan’s sights were instantly recognisable…

And we got to see more of Ravenna

Florence, Naples, and Pisa also featured.  Do you recognise any other cities?

My favourite was this model of Verona’s amphitheatre, complete with a performance of Aida underway.


  1. Looks a fun place to visit but I’ve never even got to Rimini. Your photos brought it all to life.

  2. Oh my! I need subtitles for so many of these. I can see that I’m not hopping around major cities in Italy but prefer little towns, even though these are glorious. I only saw Pisa, Florence and Rome from these! (Well, and the Milan Cathedral once but is it included?) It must have been a fun visit.

    • Ha – a visit here definitely highlights how much of Italy there is to see. I haven’t included the Duomo of Milan here, not sure why. I don’t have notes for where a lot of them but a lot are smaller places or more off the beaten track.

  3. oh wow! this is the cutest thing ever and I didn’t even know it existed!! thank you for posting this ❤

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