Turin: Pinacoteca Giovanni and Maria Agnelli

Turin is the home of Italian car company Fiat, and the old Fiat Factory has been lovingly converted into a shopping centre, hotel, exhibition and office complex. Signs of Fiat can still be found though – the structure of the Lingotto centre reflects the path that cars took from their entry as parts to final testing on the rooftop track.

The roof is also the home to Shard Designer Rienzo Piano’s Jewel Box (or Scrigno), which houses the Pinacoteca Giovanni and Maria Agnelli, works of art donated by the owners of Fiat. Sadly, no photos were permitted inside the gallery, which was home to masterpieces from Canaletto, Canova and Matisse to name a few. The gallery houses permanent collections, as well as a bookshop and temporary exhibition spaces. On our visit, schoolchildren were also enjoying getting up close to a range of artworks.

The Scrigno, viewed from outside is spectacular.

Fans of The Italian Job will also recognise the rooftop track which can be accessed from the Pinacoteca. It offers great views around Turin and the surrounding area.


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