Riverside Rome

Autumn by the Tiber afforded us some gorgeously magical views of Tiber Island and the Ponte Rotto, the remains of the city’s oldest stone bridge.

Today, Tiber Island is reached via the equally ancient Ponte Fabriccio, the oldest bridge still in use.

The colours contrasted vividly with the crisp wintry morning scenes we saw as we made our way to the La Befana Parade on an earlier visit. As it was a public holiday, the lack of traffic and brilliant blue skies both made for perfect photo opportunities. Castel Sant’Angelo stood out magnificently.  As did the dome of St Peter’s, and the Church/complex of Santa Spirito in Sassia.  (The latter was founded by Saxon King Ine of Wessex, who abdicated from his throne to be nearer to the tomb of St Peter).

Ponte Sant’Angelo, leading to Castel Sant’Angelo, is dominated by Bernini’s wonderful angels.

We’d meet those dramatic angels again as a different season saw us back at Castel Sant Angelo in time for sunset over St Peter’s and the Ponte Sant Angelo…

What’s your favourite sight along Rome’s riverside?


  1. Castel Sant’Angelo always leaves me in awe. It looks like a big wedding cake, and I especially like to cross the bridge and admire Borromini’s incredible angels. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

  2. You’ve seen the ‘real thing’, as I see from your blog. Do you have an Italian connection, or just love the place? 🙂 🙂 I arrived in Jerez on Andalucia Day just recently. The place was wonderfully peaceful, but the following day there wasn’t a parking space to be had.

    • Sadly no connection 😁 although I studied Italian for a little while and have been studying classics courses online. Gives me a reason to visit 😁. Jerez would be lovely to see.

  3. I’m making hurried notes from your blogs about all the places I still have to check out in Rome. I thought I had covered most of them but you’ve given me a week’s work here. I had just signed up for a language course in Italy for two weeks total immersion in the language in a place where no one speaks English, but I had to pull out due to two important things happening in that period (luckily I hadn’t paid yet) but I hope to get to Rome for a few days at least in late June. Armed with copies of your blogs I shall see a lot more of the city.

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