Royal Turin 

Turin was the home of the Savoy Dukes who would later become kings of Sardinia before becoming Kings of a united Italy in the 1860s.  Naturally then royal palaces such as the Palazzo Carignano (now home to the Risorgimento Museum) above abound!

The Palazzo Reale below dominates one end of the Piazza Castello. It’s home to not one but five museums, as well as being attached to the Duomo and the Chapel of the Holy Shroud. Its origins lie in the 1500s, but owes its current appearance to the work of Sicilian architect Filipo Juvarra.   Its grand staircases lead to a succession of grandly-decorated rooms, and eventually the Armeria Reale, or royal armoury.

Across the square lies the Palazzo Madama, the first home of the Italian Senate, but originally a medieval castle housing the Dukes of Acaja. It’s medieval austerity at the back, but more baroque grandeur at the front, with yet another spectacular Juvarra staircase.

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