Finding Ancient Rome in London: Gladiator Games

This last week London has played host to a gladiator spectacle on the site of London’s Roman-era amphitheatre. Hosted by the Museum of London, each hour long display featured gladiators from re-enactor group Britannia, who appear everywhere from the Horrible Histories TV series to the film Gladiator.

As well as the spectacle of the fighting, there was a great educational element to the whole event, with each role in the event from team sponsor to Charon who dispenses the dying, described and put into context. And a chance to see artefacts and try on costumes etc afterwards. All in the beautiful setting of Guildhall Yard, which hosts the remains of Londinium’s Roman amphitheatre underground.

Hopefully this series of events will happen again, but here are a few pics from the day.



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