Five days in Milan

There tend to be a couple of reactions when you say you’re going to Milan for five days: it’s either “ooh lovely” or “that’s a long time to spend there”.  In searching for blogs on Milan trips, the city can seem to be a stopover point en route elsewhere, with people taking in the Duomo and the Last Supper, before venturing elsewhere.

But, as we researched things to do in the city, it became clear that 5 days wouldn’t be enough, and we’d have to leave out some of the things that we wanted to see – adding a day trip to Florence into the mix meant that the list had to be pruned somewhat as well.

As a bit of a guide to what’s to follow on the blogging front, here’s a Google map showing the places that we did get to visit in this city that effortlessly blends old and new.  Click on any of the locations and you’ll see what it is.


And it is a city blending old and new, if you look for it: remembering its heritage as one of the last bastions of the Western Roman Empire, the home of the Duomo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Sforzas, but combining that with a bright future of skyscrapers and next year’s Expo which will focus on food and energy.

The Duomo’s at the heart of the city…


Remnants of Ancient Rome and the early Christian period are easy to find…

IMG_4963 IMG_4936





including part of the Imperial circus..


It’s a city with a medieval trading heart..


And Renaissance masterpieces.IMG_4966



Napoleon left his mark on the skyline..


And the city prepares for the future…






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