Digital revolution

20140723-201121-72681468.jpg20140723-201121-72681468.jpg20140723-201121-72681468.jpgThis week, I got the chance to see the brilliant Digital Revolution exhibition at the 20140723-173954-63594828.jpgBatbican.

It’s a wonderful journey for those of us who grew up in the 80s and have seen computers change from the first zx spectrum and BBC micros that I experienced to the types of technology that enable films like Gravity and Inception to be made. And where else would you get to play with and direct lasers, or flap your arms wildly to make birds fly to showcase the creative process?

The exhibition didn’t help to make the kind of distinctions that one of my digital colleagues was trying to make – in defining digital it’s clear that the convergence of technologies that bring us from the first Altair machine, through Ceefax, Gravity and 3D printed dresses can mean many things to different people – maybe the key thing is that digital is just the enabler in bringing stories to life, making things happen and enabling stories to be told and creativity expressed in new ways.


20140723-180019-64819806.jpg 20140723-175627-64587384.jpg 20140723-202627-73587234.jpg 20140723-180020-64820744.jpg 20140723-181811-65891723.jpg 20140723-202430-73470242.jpg 20140723-201121-72681468.jpg 20140723-202626-73586598.jpg 20140723-202940-73780095.jpg 20140723-203922-74362407.jpg


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