Rome: a city of cribs and Christmas trees

As I’ve already mentioned, the symbols of Christmas remain around for a little longer on Roman streets than here in the UK. From lights to shop windows to presepi (nativity scenes) there was something round every corner.

My favourite tree was probably this one in the Galleria Alberto Sordi…


Although this handbag-inspired creation from Fendi comes a very close second..

fendi tree

The tree at St Peter’s (ok, technically not Rome) was equally impressive, and stood beside their life-size crib.

St Peter's tree 1



These cribs aren’t what I’ve been used to: instead some of them house almost whole villages – with people fishing and more. Here’s a few details from the crib inside St Peter’s.crib inside



While San Marcello in the Via del Corso, they even seemed to have tailors and a marketplace!



And it’s not just churches.  This little crib was in a restaurant window – with dolls just a little bit bigger than Barbies.


Here’s a few more tasters…



And, finally, while not the best photo, this shows the sea of lights (and people) in Via dei Condotti on the evening of the La Befana celebrations, and the Spanish Steps Christmas tree also gets a bit of a look in!

Via Condotti


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