Extending Christmas with an Epiphany in Rome


There’s an Italian saying that La Befana takes the holiday period away: for us she actually extended it a little further.

This blog’s no stranger to posts with a Roman flavour, and this week I was there again, for a short post-Christmas break, which coincided with an opportunity  to see how the Romans extend their Christmas by celebrating Epiphany,  I’ll detail some of that in future posts.

While we in the UK are in a traditional hurry to take down our Christmas decorations, that’s not the case in Italy, or Rome at least, where the celebrations of 6th January extend the period further, and mean that Christmas trees and cribs are still around for a few more days, and mean that I won’t mind sharing here in the days to come!

Christmas tree at Galleria Sordi
Christmas tree at Galleria Alberto Sordi

Of course, our visit didn’t have just have a Christmassy flavour, and the very unChristmassy weather meant that it was the perfect time to explore, especially as at least one iconic landmark was having a bit of a facelift, and others were looking stunning in the winter sunshine.







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