Reflecting on #digitalday 2 – tangible differences?

I hinted at some of the impacts of our #digitalday shortly after it had finished. Now that a bit of time has passed, it’s been useful to reflect over what the actual benefits and outcomes of this day have been. So far, they include (not necessarily in order of importance):

  • Connections with new teams and individuals across the Department;
  • An increased profile for our team, and a greater awareness of what we do and why;
  • Requests for dedicated training provision (and not just in London) – one in particular had me grinning just a bit, and I hope I’ll be able to blog about it;
  • A chance to promote the social media guidelines: Yammer was a useful vehicle for some to voice their opnions about it;
  • Exploding the myth, for one team, that engaging online was somehow grade-related;
  • Some new recruits to various social media platforms;
  • Our Tumblr, which we’ll hopefully continue, and build as an evidence base for others to recognise the value of engaging online;
  • A chance to demonstrate that there’s more to social media than Twitter – that’s one opportunity that we need to keep taking;
  • Development of my own skills as an advocate for social media.

I think the last one is equally, if not more, important as any of the others. I got opportunity after opportunity in and around the day to practice my approach at selling social media – from trying to explain it to people who were curious visitors, and were so unaware of what was involved that they didn’t know how to frame a question, to people who were more demanding based on their own knowledge in a personal sphere.

These are all still short term benefits, but I suspect and hope that those impacts will keep on coming.

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