Celebrating Ingenious Women

Yesterday marked six months of the Ingenious Women mentoring project, the official end of the project and a fitting time to reflect and celebrate successes achieved.

Most of the mentees were there and talked  about their experiences warmly, openly and honestly. They’d obviously bonded as a group and came on in leaps and bounds during the last six months – hopefully that supportive network will continue. They seemed to have a lot of fun remembering their training day in York,I know I’d be happy to be a source of help/advice where I can, and that point was reiterated by some of the other mentors there.

It was great to hear that a few have signed up to become STEM ambassadors (more please!!) – for some that may be as far as they want to dip their toes into the water, while others are being put forward by their companies for radio interviews and more. I suspect that building those supportive internal relationships will enable them to do more of that.

In terms of social media, all the mentors have taken to twitter, and it’s been really beneficial to them in raising their profile, and allowing them to build relationships for example.  On the blogging front, there were some truly impressive stats.  It was interesting to hear how people had been contacted out of the blue by people they didn’t know, including young people who didn’t know where they could find out more about engineering, and how to get into that profession.

For myself, I would love to be able to take Sue Nelson’s advice and make my own blogging experiences more interactive and include visual and sound elements – I’m not quite sure how it would work on this blog, but it would definitely work on the one I’ve started for work , and maybe on private ones relating to holidays etc.

I look forward to seeing what the next six months brings for this set of Ingenious Women!

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