The King’s Speech

I’ve been to see The King’s Speech, the film detailing the relationship between “Bertie” Duke of York and later George VI, and his unconventional Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue.

Colin Firth was marvellous as an often angry but always earnest Duke.  He was perhaps the only actor not to closely physically resemble his character in real life (Guy Pearce as Edward VIII was uncanny), but that didn’t matter as his portrayal was so poignant and affecting.   I can quite see why the then Queen Mother wouldn’t have wanted a film of this nature made during her lifetime as this was an at times painful glimpse into the rigours of duty, and gave us real insights into how this man was able to reluctantly step into the breach on his brother’s abdication.   The period between the wars was vividly realised as one where cars had to be led through between the wars London streets dense with fog, and where every man and women still “knew their place”.

And another unexpected pleasure – the full trailer of Never Let Me Go was on before the film.  It looks so well executed that I won’t miss it; I’ve also recently heard some of the actors and it’s much to their credits that they talk about it with obvious affection and realise that they can’t let the “secret” out of the bag for those who haven’t read the book. 

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