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I feel a bit remiss in calling myself a mentor for the UKRC’s Ingenious Women scheme as so many of the mentees have starting tweeting and blogging very capably, insightfully, and incisively and don’t appear to need any help.  So I thought this would be a good place to share some of those blogs (and  this one).

  • The first blog to come across my radar was that of Chloe Richards.  The Life and Times of an HVAC Engineer  is an attempt to raise the profile of engineering, and help others to appreciate more fully the variety of roles, the daily lives and experiences that engineers have.  
  • Kayleigh Messer’s Kayleigh’s Bits and Pieces ( a longer standing blog where, among other material, she gives us a little isight into her role as an engineer within the Renault Formula 1 team.   
  • Drizzled Engineer Flakes (what a great title) – is the work of Yewande Akinola, who has already been on TV in a recent C4 series on rebuilding the Titanic using contemporary methods available to its original engineers.  Coming from Northern Ireland, I found this concept fascinating.
  • Unexpected Consequences  (  is the blog of Angela Crowther, a civil and architectural engineer working on the Velodrome for London 2012 (I’m sure the mentees weren’t chosen for their exciting jobs!).  Some great pics.
  • Leonie Baker combines a background in art and engineering, and fittingly her blog is entitled An Engineer Imagines –  which features a wonderful picture of the Aylesbury theatre project she’s been working on.
  • I hadn’t heard of The Developing Engineer blog, which hosts a few engineering bloggers, before I checked out Danielle Clissold’s blog entries –  Blogging with others seems like a good idea, and could help develop a more complete picture of the choices available to aspiring engineers.  Danielle’s role with Jaguar gives her scope for some interesting future posts.

Others haven’t necessarily chosen the blogging route, but have been embracing twitter – all the tweeters can be found on the list @ukrc/ingenious-women – some great commentary, and conversation on the highs and lows of working in engineering.

It’s an odd time to be encouraging others to blog and tweet given some of the adverse press coverage which fellow tweeters have sometimes received.  But I guess all these blogs show that it’s still a worthwhile thing to do and that there are useful, interesting and inspiring stories to tell: a greater challenge for these bloggers going forward will (as they aim to show that women can and do have a role in engineering) is how to reach the right range of audiences to encourage others and show them that the word “engineering” encapsulates such a great range of career choices. And that engineering is most definitely a suitable job for a woman.

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