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I’m in the process of doing a short free online course in social media marketing.  In lots of ways I guess it complements the media mentoring project I’m also involved in, and I hope it will give me some insights into how I could use social media more professionally and with more purpose.  Offered by the University of East London, Keep Your Company Competitive  runs for 3 weeks and has lots of scope for interaction with people who are into social media and marketing.  I was stunned by some of the stats in the attached youtube video ( – it highlights just how much we’re using these new ways of relating and connecting to people.  I guess too it has to be a good thing that social media usage has overtaken pornography as the key thing to do on the internet!!  I’d heard some of the statistics before – eg that if Facebook were a country, it would be the third biggest in the world – but I hadn’t really realised the extent of YouTube’s usage as a search engine. 

Anyway, it’s interesting so far, and I’ve even highlighted this blog on it which is a first!  I’m sure I’ll have more to say once I’ve completed the course.


  1. This course sounds interesting.
    I am going to start the Literary Theory one nexty Monday, are you going to take another Oxford course as well?
    I hope to meet you there again!

  2. Buonasera Luara

    And I feel like a real blogger now as you’re my first comment ;-D. I will “see” you next week on the literary theory course – I think this one will be more challenging for me.

    I am enjoying the social media course, but it’s a bit basic if you have used things like twitter and facebook. I was just interested to know how I could be more “professional” about my usage.

    I’ll talk to you more next week,


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