UKRC Media Mentoring

Today was the first day of the UKRC’s Media Mentoring Project, “Ingenious Women”.  It was a fascinating day, and I have to say I’m very jealous of some of my fellow mentors as they’ve all got really interesting roles – from journalism and broadcasting, to the Science Media Centre, to working with the Naked Scientists, to building up blogging networks, to writing a book about science in the time of Shakespeare.  The mentees will definitely have a lot of expertise to draw on and I just hope that my social media/Second Life experience is valuable to the female engineers.  I’m also looking forward to learning a lot from the other mentors.

Those mentees came from all walks of engineering life – from councils, government agencies, and private businesses.  There were “seismic engineers”, people who engineer buildings, and a Formula 1 Engineer.  They’ve all got really exciting stories to tell, and let’s hope this project gives them the confidence and the tools to use to help them do that.  It’s been nice to watch them take their first steps into twitter and other new media today.

There’s a project blog at and hopefully I’ll get a chance to contribute to that.

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