Wikinomics (Tapscott and Williams, 2008)

Wikinomics was first published in 2006, and sets out the impact of the ever-increasing collaboration, partnership and reach enabled by Web 2.0, and applications like Facebook, MySpace and more sophisticated forms of mass collaboration.  According to the authors, there are three key prinicples of Wikinomics, or the new “mass collaboration”:

  • openness
  • peering
  • acting globally

They recognise though, that this new way of doing things while empowering for some, will bring “great upheaval, dislocation, and danger for societies, corporations, and individuals that fail to keep up with relentless change” (p15).

Sadly, I just missed being part of it, but it is argued that the so-called “Net Generation” will utterly refocus the world of work; as they come to expect the trends they have seen in collaboration in play and education, their expectations will mould the way in which they relate to competitors and working styles.  Some interesting examples of how firms have already been drafting in talent from outside their boundaries are presented convincingly.

Undeniably tools such as twitter and blogging are changing our approach to education, work, leisure and life, and will take us into a more immersive format, but we still have to remember that significant numbers aren’t using these resources, and not leave them behind in the rush to immersion.

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